Word Games with Bullies

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For myself, I spend time with those who are like-minded with me.    For the most part, my friends and family whom I spend time with have similar values to me, similar ideas even if we differ on “some” things like politics or spirituality, our basic values are similar.     And the way that we act –similar.     For example,  we can have a conversation,  a civilized conversation about things we disagree on –without coming to blows and without screaming at each other.  This is good. 

Now, on the other hand,   there are two people in my circle, who tend to be bossy or tend to be screamers or bullies.    This kind of behavior is unacceptable to me.

The way that I handle screamers/bullies/ obnoxiously rude people (there are about two in every thousand people you might meet), is to handle them quietly, professionally and fairly.

1.     I refuse to battle with screamers -on their own turf.        In other words, I keep myself out of their screaming range.

2.  If I must, (key word must), communicate with them, I communicate by snail mail or by email  or through Facebook.     (For the most part, I don’t have a connection with them but if I   “must”  have a connection, it is at a safe distance and I protect my ears, mind, heart and soul from them by not permitting them to scream, yell, bully or  control me.

This works for me.   Staying off the telephone with people who are obnoxiously rude, controlling or bullying, is a way to have less stress in my life.   And since stress sure is a killer, even when it kills slowly,  staying off the telephone with a known screamer/bully/ controller is a way to  be , to keep and to remain healthier.   This works for me.

How do you handle screamers/bullies or obnoxiously rude individuals?

And, for the record, I never accept “truces” from the individuals since they are the problem, not me.  And yet, I do accept apologies from such people , since a sincere apology, when they can manage to get themselves to utter the words, sincerely, “I’m sorry” … apologies are sometimes (key word sometimes) the way that we can see that they are sincere and see that they will make the attempt to be more civil towards you.

That’s it.

Seriously, about fake book

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You know that I mean.   (NOTE: at the end of this entry there are two wonderful links; check them out after you read this). 

There’s that website called something “sounds like”  “fake book”  .. And  lately,  ONCE AGAIN, they changed their privacy policy.

And it stinks again.

Yea, you heard that fakbook policy for privacy stinks.

So rally round and come on over to a better website.  Different layout, different way to post , however,

you can still

  1. Post pictures
  2. Post videos
  3. Still have space to put your opinion or words
  4. Still connect with people
  5. Still share AWESOME stuff

AND  it has a much better policy and it’s all free.
Yes all free.

Here’s how.  You pin something–anything, and then you post your words under that thing, or your opinion

or you can leave someone else’s words there –already.

You can use your posts here  or posts from other sites to add to this new site INSTEAD of posting at fake book.

Wouldn’t you love to see a huge mass exit from that fake book?

This is just my opinion.   After spending months and months of not liking fakbook at all, I finally made the decision to

begin posting elsewhere —- far from fake book.

Joining in?  Check this website for more information

Please -leave a comment here or there and let me know what you think of the better website.

Thank you .

At this one site here , there are  80 “boards” and in those boards there are hundreds of “pins” .  And in some of those pins, there is writing (bloggish) and words from the person who owns the boards.  Join in , make your own boards or follow someone.  It is soo much better than fake book, more fun , better connections and lots of learning there also.


April 18, 2014

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So, what’s important in your own life?     If you do know what is the most important thing, are you attending to it, paying attention to it or really showing, by action, that it is the most important thing your life? 

For myself,  my list goes like this: 

  1. Faith, God ; this is the strength in my life.  Without God, I am not really focusing on the important things in my life.    I try to begin each day with God.   Most days that is the way it goes.  On the days that I forget my priorities, usually by mid-day, I remember and I re-connect with my spirituality. 
  2. Family, loved ones:   This is second on my list, and first over everything else that is worldly, in the physical world.     I love my family and I hope that I show that every day of my life. 
  3. The rest.    After spirituality, God, and then family, my friends are on the list.  
  4. The net.  Yes that’s on the list too.   Being connected on the net is important to me.  

So what’s your list like? 


Learning Every Day

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At the end of this entry, there are two videos. The first video is someone else’s video. The second video is one of the past YOU Information Show’s videos that was aired on Time Warner, Cablevision and on Verizon in the United States of America.

Learning every day,
that’s probably the thing that we all have in common, but the thing that some don’t take advantage of. 

Learning something new each day is important.  As you live and as you grow, learning makes a difference in one’s life.

And you can learn from everything and from everybody.

You can learn from loved ones, and from strangers.  You can learn from people who are close to you and you can learn from those who are so very far away.

You can learn from friends and from those you might not agree with.

But bottom line is that if you keep an open mind, you can learn something new each day.

I have learned valuable lessons from little kids and from teens and from those who are twenty years older than I am.   And each lesson that I learned was so well worth experiencing.

What I learn from my grandchildren is that life is precious, time is so important –when you are having fun.   It is important to smile and laugh and to thoroughly enjoy each and every day–no matter what.   Smiles.   When one of my grandchildren was less than two years old, I learned that I am “silly”.  And that was such a compliment to me.     I always made sure that I had some jokes for the children when I saw them, and my speciality was “corny jokes”.   So one day, I told the little one a “corny” joke that I thought she might like.  As it was, the joke was “young” for her.   Quite probably it was for a younger child.   But anyway.   I told the joke to her and she looked at me and said, “Silly” .  Smiles.  And we both laughed.  And so, in the end, the joke was funny, even if it was funny only because I was being “silly” in her eyes.

What I learned from my Grandmother was that love is strong.   And that love is, probably, one of the most important things in life.  And she taught this to me by being the spirit of love, by being tender, and caring and persistent in her attention and in her fairness.   She was a gentle spirit, one who believed in God, and one who accepted her circumstances with all the strength that she had.

Grandfathers have their own way of teaching.

What I learned from my Grandfather was that no matter what situation you are in, you can and you will succeed if you just stick to it.  Just keep on keeping on.  Just keep on trucking.    Stick to your goals, no matter what.    Persistence and determination will win the prize so much more than talent, experience or money will.    As he would quote to me, “Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way”.   And yes, that was not a typo.   “Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way”.      He would say that to me as he helped me carry my bike up the three flights of stairs to his apartment.    He said, “Don’t leave it downstairs, bring it on up here where it is safe”  (I didn’t have a lock for the bike and he knew that someone might just ride away on the bike if I left it downstairs.   And so he proceeded to help me carry the bike up.     I was just a teenager and he was the older, wiser one who shared his thoughts and his experiences with me.     So as we carried the bike upstairs, he would quip, ‘Where there’s a will, there’s a way”, and he would smile.

I learned so many things from so many members of my family and from friends, too much to list here.  But this entry is just about this, keep your eyes and your ears open in your travels and you will, indeed, learn good, helpful, lasting lessons that will help you out during life when you least expect it.

So… as I write here, I end this note, to go on and see what I have to learn today.

What have you learned in your life?   Write and make an appointment to tape your own show, be on television.

We hope to hear from you soon.  (No fees or charges to appear on the show or to be in our audience).


YOU  Information Show is open to having new guests, co-hosts, talent and audiences.   I invite you to send an email asking for more information about the show, also to send constructive criticisms, comments, compliments and complaints through this blog and through the email address.

Here’s a video (someone else’s video).   (And to see some past , current or future YOU Information Shows go to the vimeo link -that’s the last link at this entry).

An unrelated video  here


One of YOU Information Show — below .   Hope you join us in a show someday.

(This is my cousin Sue in the video.  So the atmosphere is “comfortable”, casual.  Every show is different.    Each show and each circumstance is different on the show since YOU is a variety show.   Some of our shows are music, entertainment, talk –all sorts of topics).

How are Your Shoes?

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In our life, looks are good, appearances are good; perhaps they mean something to some people. 

Are you one of those people who look at the outside of a person, what that person wears, his shoes, his clothing, his fashions,  to decide what kind of person he or she is?

Do you judge the book by the cover?

Do you look at someone who wears funny shoes -as if- as if they are less than you?   Do you look at them as if they are not as important as you are?   Do you look at them as if they are not worthy to be your friend or your acquaintance?   Do you ever think like that ?

Appearances can always be deceiving.   There are kids and teens out there in the world who dress really really nice , but they stole their clothing.  How nice is that?   There are adults out there who have nice cars, and nice homes, but they stole what they “own”.  How nice is that?   There are beggars out there who have hearts of gold.  And at the same time, there are those rich people out there who have hearts of stone and ice.

And sometimes the reverse is true.  There are some of those who wear beautiful clothing who have hearts of gold.   And some who are rich who have warm  , kind giving hearts and wonderful sweet personalities.

So, remember this,  that though most people “judge” people and things by their outside appearances, if you do that, you are the one who loses.   For the most part, about 98 percent of the time, outward appearances have nothing to do with the quality or sincerity of one’s heart, mind or soul.

Appearances can be so deceiving.   Remember that the next time you look to judge what a person is wearing.   Think about things like this,  seriously, you can never judge a person by the clothes they wear.  If you do, you probably are wrong.  If you doubt that at all, you probably will benefit from watching this insightful video that is on youtube.



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Well, I guess, first, a little background:

My  two friends, another friend,  my father, my uncle,  my two aunts,  my grandmother,  my nephew,  my cousin, a neighbor, a fellow producer, and a sister,  that’s the count.   They all had or have some form of cancer.

Thirteen people with cancer,  

Four of them surviving, living, healing and hoping.

Cancer sure is horrible, cancer sure is scary, depressing.  There are no more words that I can use to describe it.  Scary, scary, painful, depressing yet from it all, yes even though there is not much more that I can say,  I see something else.

I see the strength; I see the longing.  I see the need to keep on healing, keep on going, keep on keeping on.   I see the need to get past it all, get through the pain, and I see the need to keep on praying, to keep on never giving up, and to keep on going.

Not saying it’s easy, not saying it’s a piece of cake, not saying anything like that.  Just saying,

that when I see almost devastation, when I look at the pain through someone else’s eyes, when I  “hear” it, when I can almost, well, just almost  feel it, I am at  a loss of what to do.

There is not much that I can do to help people other than be here, to say, “Hey, I am here”.  And no, not as a super hero, not as that storybook relative or friend who is “always” there because no human being can be “always” there for any one human being, but as a real human person who “is” here and who will do what I can do when I can do it.

And that is why family is so important , yes , in health and in sickness, family is important and it is so good and so healthy when you have family who is there for you , for even small moments, for moments here and there.

All I am is me, a person, a  person who can listen, a person who can take requests and perhaps answer with a yes when I can do so; that’s all I am .   i am human, I fail sometimes, and yes, sometimes I am not “there” , not physically present, but almost always, I am there in memory, there in spirit and I am there in my prayer life always thinking of the person, always being “here” when I can’t be “there”.

And yet, I know some may balk at this, at my non-super-hero status, at my “I am praying for you” at my , “ask me, and if I can , I will” attitude.  But this is honestly , all I am and all I can give.

And yet, too about cancer I have such strong feelings,

I saw a post and I didn’t leave a response,  but yet, being such a speaker, such a talker, I wanted to leave a response.  And yet  I think, aww, you have such different ideas about cancer ; nobody will accept your ideas because they are so far from the “average” idea or “average” opinion.

And yet to this I say this, finally in my life I have reached the age where I realize that my opinion is valid, yes valid, because it is all mine.

And so here is my thought about


cancer, about fighting cancer…


It’s just here .


And I quote , ‘me’ , as silly as this is,

QUOTE:  “I read the article, it is good, scary but good. And yet, while reading it I have my own thoughts about the disease itself. To me, I watch and so many people in our world “fight cancer”, yet, to me, it looks really like, so much more that they “fight” the “treatment” of cancer.


I have seen people with cancer “before” their diagnosis, and all they had was “pain”, yet after the diagnosis, begins the treatment and weirdly enough, the treatment seems so much more harmful than the actual cancer. Does treatment really save lives? Only God knows for sure.

Sometimes the treatments ‘prolong’ life but at what cost? Is saving a life different than prolonging life? ..

Does chemo really help patients? Years ago, the doctors felt one way and now, today, many doctors are “rethinking” their first ideas.

Only the patient knows what is best for the patient. . For some chemo is a blessing and for others, well, you have to ask them.


And yet, still more and more thoughts about the disease, and this is one truth that is only my truth, only my truth from observing what happens in our world, in our society, as harmful and as deadly and as horribly painful cancer is, the one disease that is more painful and more devastating is the disease of hate, of prejudice and the disease of living with hate.

Ahh, I know, my reaction to the article is not typical nor average, but then I never promised to be average. To those with the physical cancers, I have hope and sympathy and prayers to have a healing”.

To cancer, I say, “the hell with you”, people will continue to strive, to thrive, to live and to love and to live to the very fullest, no matter what you say”.

And to readers, I ask this: If you are a doctor or nurse or medical worker and you see something that is wrong, if you see other medical personnel who have damaged someone in front of you, I ask that you -not be part of the cover up but that you be part of what the world needs more of ….. a voice of hope…… someone who will stand up for and who will speak up for those patients who have no voice. Like the motto of NYC, if you SEE SOMETHING , say something.

Any and all work, writings, photography, art and photojournalism at this wordpress YOU Information Show website are copyrighted. All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic and recorded rights. No copies without prior written permission from the author/artist.

So Glad I Attended!

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Watch this space for a future article about the two authors and their books.

Recently,  Susan Brownmiller and Elissa Schappell were in New York, both discussing Susan Brownmiller’s book, Against Our Will.      Elissa, the author of Blueprints for Building Better Girls, a fiction book, interviewed Susan Brownmiller.  This was an awesome event.

Having read Against Our Will, a full ten years after it was written,  I had to go and hear what these two authors had to say when they were in New York.   And the resulting videotape will air on Time Warner, Cablevision and on Verizon FIOS in a few weeks.   Watch   YOU Information Show on Channel 34 in NY (in Staten Island), and quite possibly, in Brooklyn, also.  For more information contact through the blog here or by email.



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Focus.   That’s probably best in times of crisis.    

Remembering what is important to you and remembering what your goal is.   Focus.

Sometimes small-minded people can get you unfocused; they can help you take your eyes off the goal.

And if that happens, remember it’s only temporary.  If you take your eyes of the goal, all it takes is a moment in time until you get refocused, until you get turned around in the right direction again.

Yet, when that happens, when you turn back around, the good thing is that you come back full force,

you come back more alive, with more vim and vigor and, believe it or not, so much more focused and so much more aimed at your original goals.

This is dedication.   This is determination,  and this is how you

achieve success in almost anything you do.

And part of that success, part of the key to your continued determination and goal-reaching is having

a good, strong faith in God.  It is that faith which helps you regain focus, and helps you remember that

you were never in charge anyway.    There’s always someone stronger, someone to carry you through and over all obstacles that might have been in your path.

All you need to do is

keep focused.

And know how to make those legal u-turns.  That’s it.


NOTE:  © 2001-2014  Any and all work, writings, photography, art and photojournalism at this wordpress   YOU Information Show website are copyrighted.  All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic and recorded rights.  No copies without prior written permission from the author/artist. 


Scouting Clips

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So, you know what the Boy Scouts are like today, but what were they like yesterday.

Where did they begin.  And if you were a Boy Scout many years ago what could you expect from that Boy Scout parade and a Boy Scout outing?


These clips of the scouts were for my “Scouting” show. They are interesting look backs into some of the history of scouting.

in America, in the 1920′s  a look back into history







On the Topic of Boys and Men

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So many times, in the history of our land, many people have uttered these words and they totally crush individuals.

Does anyone really know how much some words hurt others?

Are you read to change that?   Are you ready to watch your words when it comes to name-calling or when it comes to judging children, and when it comes to teaching children?

This is a video from youtube but everyone should pass it on.   Be the change that you want to see in the world, as Gandhi said,  you , (paraphrased) , if you are looking for change, begin with you,

Speak good words, uplifting words, speak those words that bring confidence to others, speak those words that bring smiles to some faces.   (It doesn’t mean that we don’t talk about tough times or tough topics, it just means that we should stop expecting our children to be men when they are children.  We should stop expecting children to lose their childhood and to “grow up” before they are grown up.

And this includes male children.     When people look at male children and tell then , “Don’t cry”, they are taking away a part of that child’s life, that they need.  We don’t want children to grow up thinking that they should not cry.  When indeed, crying sure shows that a person is human, that they have heart and that they are an important part of the human race.

Always Remembering Leiby

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There isn’t a month that goes by that I do not remember Leiby.

The news – in the city   http://youtu.be/64rfy-DMUC0


I did not know   Leiby, nor did I know his family.

I can only say what my own opinion is.

Forever, I will remember Leiby.

And forever, I will believe that this was not the first time

that this criminal committed a crime like that.

In our society, there are TOO many times in which our society permits someone to escape proper punishment because they plead that they are “insane”.      Even if that is the case, if they are insane, they still deserve to be tried at a trial and when convicted to be jailed, and to serve the time for their crime.

Too many times, killers ,  and violent criminals  are kept from prison because they use the excuse of insanity.

Is  this not the time in our history when we need to make a JAIL for the insane?     It wouldn’t cost much and my guess is that it would stop a lot of crimes .    Too many criminals commit crimes knowing that they can always plead that they are insane –and then go to a hospital instead of going to jail.

One of the worst child abusers in history,  Levy, the killer who took Leiby’s life, Levy is now in jail.    And one can only wonder, did Levy ever abduct other children?  One can only wonder, were there other victims?

Where is the politician who will get the funds to create one jail that is solely for the “insane”, so that the insane can get proper treatment  IN JAIL where they belong.   They will get all the services that they need, IN JAIL where they will be after their fair trial.

Sure, we understand that there are people who are mentally ill.


However,  let us look to this fact, that there are probably millions of mentally ill people in our world, but millions do NOT commit murders.

There are probably millions of mentally ill in our world, however, millions do not get violent, do not mug, do not rape and do not murder and do not dismember bodies.

Time has come to let the criminals who are insane, know that they will, after a fair trial –if they are found guilty, they will go


to jail,, directly to jail and they

will not pass GO and they will not collect  $200.  dollars.




***American Heart***

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If anyone asks me which country I love best, I always answer, “America”. I was born here, and from the time I was old enough to know what a country was, “America” has always been the answer to that question for me.

Some days I wake up and I’m reminded that I’m just so thrilled that I was born in and that I live in America. I’ve read about history of other countries and lands, and nothing ever wins the prize for me, except America. Sure other lands are nice to visit, and other lands are nice to see and to travel to, but when it comes to my birthplace and comes to the place where I will live all the days of my life, it is right here, right here in the United States of America.

Where is your heart? What country is your heart’s choice? And why?



No More Wild Animals in Captivity

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It is just not far. It is not good, not far and it is so unhealthy for humans and for other animals.



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My personal viewings on the
CTV CHANNEL Channel 34 , in New York City.

So, what did I watch this week on CTV?

I saw a couple of repeats, but good shows anyway.  I had seen parts of these shows last week and saw the rest of them this week.

The “one act” plays were on.   And I saw this play where the actress was visited by her husband, and the husband was asking her to sign the divorce papers.    After some fanfare between the both of them, the actress signed the papers and threw them in the garbage. Want to know what happened then? Tune in to Channel 34 to see the episodes of the one act plays.


I watched some of this show. It was interesting but not my cup of tea.   Show was good.  Just that I’m not into sports in general.  But this is a great show to watch if you are into sports.

Unnamed episode of another CTV Show

Wow, I liked this one!  There was a show on somewhere in the middle of the night.   It was an artsy type show and it was in the forest.  There were dancers and also musicians.   At first, I didn’t like it much but I kept on watching and then I thought this was AWESOME!  Just awesome!   And so if it is on again, I will watch it again.  Seems it was produced somewhere else, maybe in Long Island or somewhere like that.  I will get back to you with information about the name of the show and the producers.

As always, I enjoyed seeing episodes of Island Hop. Songs, music and performers were awesome.

And a Toastmasters episode, shown on CTV, really got me thinking about things. All sorts of topics and a good show.

Brian Lapayower  & Miriam Silver

Brian’s show this past week was cool.    I enjoyed hearing about the history of some old films, and about some tapings etc.  It was an enjoyable conversation between Brian Lapayower and Miriam Silver.    And I liked her photography of the trees, the forest.  I love natural settings so it was quite enjoyable to see those “nature” photographs that were taken in the parks or in the wilderness areas.

Donna Murray

This was a good show with some interesting information.  There was a visiting guest one of the Assistant District Attorneys of New York.  Very informative.

Another show I enjoy sometimes is the show produced by Matt Ward.  I have seen some more of Matt’s work on youtube and at this website.

YOU  Information Show 

Of course, you had to know that I watched the episodes of the YOU Information Show.   This particular episode that aired on Tuesday was the historical photographs of Reverend Billy Graham, and his family and of the crusades throughout the world.   Reverend Billy Graham was pictured with many Presidents and with Mohammed Ali, the Pope, Martin Luther King Jr, and with many other celebrities and with many other political figures, including with the Queen.  The commentary or voice over was by the Director and Executive Producer of YOU Information Show.    The show was entitled, “Six Decades of Faith and Crusades with Reverend Billy Graham.   During the production, a call for prayer was asked for, for Rev. Graham.   Franklin Graham, Billy’s son asks for prayers for Billy Graham because Billy hasn’t been feeling well lately.

During the show I also shared experiences that were during the two crusades, one in the 60′s and the other in Central Park in the 90′s, in New York City.

And last but never least, another show that I watched was,

Back to Health 

I enjoyed this show.

A clip from YOU Information Show – Billy Graham episode



During another episode of YOU Information Show, I gave some interesting leads and information about free programs, free certification programs (in Word, and PowerPoint and other computer programs) and information about the computer resource rooms in the City of New York.

And, on the other shows, on CTV, there is always great information and helpful hints. I especially enjoyed the Staten Island Views show where Camille and Bruce Eisenberg talked about some volunteer programs in Staten Island, and talked also about how to shovel snow safely.
As always, there was lots of factual information and also good helpful hints on how to stay healthy and happy. This is a very good show to watch and I highly recommend it.

So there you go, that’s my tv viewing for this week , the shows on CTV , channel  34 in New York.

Turn On The Lights

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Sometimes you travel through life and you think that you know your goals and your purpose.  And then once in a while, a light bulb goes on and everything becomes clearer than it was before. 

Lights on! 

Six Decades of Faith, Reverence BIlly Graham.

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Taping this week was successful.     The shows will air in February and in March 2014, on Time Warner, Cablevision and on FIOS Verizon. 

One of the shows which I am most happy about is the show that I did on the topic of Reverend Billy Graham, the crusades and asking for prayer for Rev. Billy Graham. 

Shows air on Channel 34 , in New York, usually Tuesdays at 12:30 PM (daytime). 

Be on the show, contact through this blog or through email. 

Remembering Adeline

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What do you remember,  and ….

……….and what will you be remembered by?

People spend their whole lives trying to impress people, and there are others who spend their lives just trying to get by and still others spending their lives trying to help people.  What will your remembrance bring?

Will someone remember you when they see the sunlit sky? Will they remember you when they see a deer walking by a campsite or remember you as the rainbow crosses the Heavens?   Just what thoughts will come to mind that will bring a picture of you or a memory of you to mind? Ever think about that?

Will someone remember you as being sweet and nice or remember you as someone who just tried to make their lives miserable? What exactly will people think of when they think of you? What will your association be?  Will the masses remember you and associate peace with you?   Or just what will the memory be?

This is something that most don’t think of, during their lives.  And yet, sometimes when a funeral comes around or when someone dies, sometimes one might have some thoughts like that.

I remember Adeline. And though some of those times might have been times of difficulty and some of those times I remember that Adeline was in great pain, I remember this one thing, that Adeline made a difference in my life.  And this is good.

And better than that is that the difference that she made in my life was a good thing, and it was something that I remembered throughout my life and it is something that I will never forget.

And just what will your remembrance bring?

Have you changed someone’s life for the better?  And just what does it take to change someone’s life for the better?    I can tell you this, it doesn’t take money and it doesn’t take anything artificial.  All it takes is heart, and caring and all it takes is the wanting and the effort to sincerely help someone.    This is not the help that the world looks at and rewards; it is not the help that you can put any monetary value on and surely it is not the help that you can buy because you can not buy sincerity.   You can’t buy love and you can’t buy sincerity and you can’t even buy someone’s time if they do not want to give it freely.

So, today, look into your life and really ask yourself, what are you being remembered by, even now, right now, while you are alive, what thoughts come to mind when people say your name or when people think about you?

Build your remembrance now.

First, do no harm.    Be sincere.    Share your heart more than you share your money.    Remember that you can change only yourself and you can be only yourself.  You can not be someone else, nor should you wish to be.   Be brave.  Be you.

And while being you, remember that this is the you that you will be remembered by.  Be kindness and gentleness, but be you.    Be sweet but firm and be bold and be faithful, but be you.   Live life your own way.    And by being you, you will be the best remembrance that you can be.  While everything around you might be running at full speed, and while everyone around you might be trying to be someone else, just be you.   Chuck out the world’s idea of what a human should be and keep your own idea of whom you are.  Be you.

And by being you, you surely will be the best remembrance of your best self.

One of the things that I remember is that Adeline is the first person who came to me and who helped me learn to write in long hand. She sat with me one day, when I was a child, and she taught me to write my name, long before I entered school. And this was a gift that Adeline gave to me. She had no idea, at that moment, how much this gift would affect me, in so many ways. To me, a writer, and I remember the very first word that I ever wrote, my name. No one witnessed this but Adeline and me. No one gave her a prize. But, I remember.
Sometimes little acts of kindness can be so much more valuable than the largest amount of money.
And another thing that I remember is this. There was a relative of hers who sang a song, all the time, and the song was Adeline’s song.

And here it is, today, yesterday, Adeline was buried. However, the memories will never be buried.

At the end of this entry is Adeline’s song. And for now, I ask you this question, what memory will not be buried with you?

What memory will live on here, after you die?

Here is Adeline’s song.

On Valentine’s day this year, Adeline was buried along with the urn of her husband, in the cemetery in New York.

Adeline’s daughter, granddaughter, grandson, cousins, grandnephew, grandnieces, nephews and nieces and friends were there at the gravesite to put flowers and to remember Adeline.

Later, that day, we ventured out to a restaurant, but not before we got lost due to a broken cable on the gps. However, it was a nice ride, of course, we took some cool photographs.

All day, all around us, there was snow, ice, and sometimes a little bit of slush. The cemetery was beautifully covered in a huge white blanket of snow.

Pictures, eventually, at the blog.

~Use Any Camera~

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Photography is not about the camera.  It’s just all about what you see, how you see and where you see it.

If you think of some of the most famous pictures, they probably were taken with a small point and shoot camera.  And if you think about the beautiful places and things and buildings that exist, landmarks and even natural places that exist, any camera can take an awesome picture.

Think about the Grand Canyon.   That place is totally awesome.   And it doesn’t matter whether your camera is a disposable one or an expensive camera, you can still come away with a beautiful scenic, beautiful enough to frame.

And that’s the facts.

You can get good pictures with any camera and there are plenty of places online where you can study photography if you want to do that.



Music, Entertainment? Music, Life!

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So what are the songs that have meaning in your life? And why?

Have you ever spoken through song?

Have you ever used songs as a communication?

Through history, songs, music the words were used as communications. What about you?

This is an interactive journal. Please participate.

Watching Television!

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This past month I have been watching public access television.  And there are some pretty cool shows on there. 

These are some of the shows that I took a look at:

  • M.E.S.S.   (Mike’s Entertainment & Sports Show).  This is nice.  Two guys discussing sports and other topics.   Worth looking into if you have the CTV station on your tv dial.  (It’s on Time Warner, Cablevision and on Verizon FIOS –most CTV shows air on those three).
  • Some show that has Matt Ward as a host and some other lady, forgot her name, think the last name is “Susi”.  This is an interesting show, some facts, some human, real directness.
  • I used to watch some of the Mike Steele episodes but haven’t seen them in a while.  What time are they on now?
  • Sometimes, I like  to see the Toastmasters show.  Some of the speakers have very interesting topics.
  • Mallet Man is on  and though it’s not on my regular “watch” list, I do enjoy seeing parts of it , once in a while.  Mallot Man is mostly about music and entertainment.
  • I miss seeing Eric’s shows.   I don’t know when they are on.  But been flipping the remote and they are not showing up.
  • Missing “Nights with Mary” ; that is one show that I used to watch all the time when it was on.
  • Ahh…the newest delight on CTV is the “one act plays”.  Wow, now this is reality at its’ best.  These little plays show real people doing real life, living lives and making note of “interesting” real life problems that some people might have.   There was an episode about nursing home visits and another episode about “blind dates” , and another one about a certain diner/restaurant that was said to have some kind of “miracle” reaction on the diners —some seemed to be relieved of their illnesses and diseases. Now that was interesting.
  • Ahh, and always, as always, a delight is the musical entertainment brought to us by Ed Salek, those show that feature the old-time singers and the history of the old time singers.
  • And last, but never least, two more shows that I take a look at from time to time –the Veterans shows, about Veterans and sometimes for Veterans.  I love to see these shows.   And , of course, never least, I always love to tune in to  YOU Information Show.

You Information Show airs on Time Warner, Verizon Fios and on Cablevision in NY, on Channel 34 .  Usually it’s on Tuesdays at 12:30 PM _daytime, but you can see it on other times or days also.

Here is a link to some of the YOU Information Show.

click on this or cut and paste this into your browser search bar


My Photography

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WISDOM comes not from age

These are just some of my photographs.  This show was aired 

on Time Warner, Cablevision and on Verizon in NY.


  Be on our show , contact us 

  Show airs on Tuesdays  12:30 PM  Time Warner, Cablevision and on Verizon

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There are only a few remaining entries that have the LIKE button on, and those will eventually disappear .


Quiet? Not!

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Quiet? Not!

Thinking about having your say?


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This is truly one of my most favorite photographs.



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Catholic School …

It was a  school that was very different from public school.   Since I have been to both in my lifetime, I can see the differences and the similarities.

Catholic school’s focus was all on religion, and on discipline and on one more thing–giving the schools and the church–money. 

One of the nuns that was in charge of the class used to stand at the door of the class.  She had her hand out.   You, if you were in her class, were expected to put “money for the poor” into her hand.


Well ,  my friends and I learned quite quickly that if you didn’t deposit “some” money into her palm, you were asked to stay after school.  In other words, everyone else got out of school earlier than you did.

Yes, as you guessed it.  Just out of principle , I did not give her one cent.  Just seemed silly to me.   After all, the Bible and Jesus wants us to give from our heart.  We are told to give freely and joyfully.    That’s it.

None of us human beings were ever expected (by God) to give money in order to get out of school early or on time.

That was this nun’s rule, her decision. It just didn’t make sense to me.

And I couldn’t figure it out.  Even though I had been called dumb by someone who lived with me,  I knew for sure that God did not expect me to pay to get out of school.  Just wish He had told Sr. Malachy.

Every day, the palm, every day, “no”, every day, a little later getting out of school.  Who knows, maybe the lady was right.  Perhaps I was dumb.  After all every one else was getting out early by paying.

Heck, even today, I would rather be labeled dumb and rather be late then give in to bribery or extortion or whatever that’s called.

Heck, in today’s world, that might even be called, “bullying”.


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New Jersey


The ride ….  

It was the longest car ride.  We travelled from the city, all the way towards the “country”.   Today, my “country” is now fully populated city.

Back then it was wonderful.  We would drive and drive and drive and finally we reached the country part of where we were going.  There were roads and fields on the sides of the road.    And finally, yes, finally,  off in the distance, I heard them.

I heard the crows.

And hearing the crows meant that I was safe.  I was in safe territory.  When I heard the crows, I breathed deeply, and let out a sigh that was more silent than silence itself.

In the car, I could relax there.   I leaned my head against something and I fell asleep.  

Eventually, we reached the house.

There I was.  I was in the middle of what I considered “nowhere” and I loved every milli-second of it.  I couldn’t wait to get out of the car and walk on the grass.   There was not a moment too soon till I was able to get out of the car and see the house, and view the little stream near the house.  This was awesome.  And for me, this was the best it was going to be this year.

Have you ever been in a place where you wish you could always go back to?  Have you ever had such an experience that you just knew that this was the place that you were meant to be at? 

Well, as a child, it felt like I was meant to be in Lakewood, New Jersey.      The place is not Lakewood, New Jersey today but the Lakewood of yesterday.   It was  a place of dirt roads, and small Catholic shrines and houses that were so far away from each other that you thought that your house was the only one in the whole city.

You could walk and walk and go by the stream and walk further and arrive at a house that was another relative’s home.  And then from there take the same long walk and still arrive at a home that was owned by another relative.

My grandmother had about six or seven brothers and each one of them owned a home in Lakewood , New Jersey.   Smiles, it seemed like they just made up the whole town, the ‘family’ town.   There is a picture of a moon up there, and I placed that there for a reason.  Perhaps that is a segway into the next entry in my diary.    Yes, that’s my photograph.  I love taking photos of the moon, the sky, the ocean and anything natural.

And so now you see, what my diary is like .

I have never written a diary before but I have written journals and articles and entries and posts and comments.

So this is a first.


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When I was younger, she bought an encyclopedia for me, all 26 volumes, back when encyclopedias were books, real paper with hard cardboard covers.   And the encyclopedia was available for me to read and so I did.

I remember taking the first volume down from the shelf and I remember having this huge smile on my face.   So, I gather if I wish to remain positive, I can honestly say that she, at that time, enabled me to smile.

I do not remember smiling much as a child; And I remember the deli guy, “John”, always looking at me and saying, “Smile!” .

For some reason, if I had a book in my hand, I really owned my smile.  To me, a book was something wonderfully inspiring, and beautifully awesome.

For me, it didn’t matter what book it was, as long as it was non-fiction, how to, art, science, mechanics, inspirational or some of those topics.  And the encyclopedia filled all those nooks.

So, there you go.

When she bought the encyclopedia and she let me read it, that gave me one smile.

Today, I still smile when i have a book in my hands.  There is something having total inspiration, and thrilling information and education in your own hands.

Book day?  Ahh, this is a good day.

Just for the record, one of my most favorite books (one that my Grandfather introduced to me), is the Holy Bible.

There is no better gift than just the right book!


Take Your Poop With You

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In our city, there are all types of dog-walkers. These are only a few of them: 

  • Dog walkers /owners who allow their dog to go onto private property to poop.  Some think that because a private lawn has no fence that this is an invitation for dogs to poop there.  To those mis-informed, the home -owner pays for the property, pays for the lawn, pays taxes on the property and owns the lawn.    If your dog is walking there and poops there or not, your dog is on private property.
  • Dog walkers who carry plastic bags but never use them.   Some walkers /owners carry a plastic bag because they want to “appear” to obey the law.  And when no one is looking , they let their dogs poop anywhere and everywhere and tney never pick up the poop.
  • There are other owners who walk their dogs while they (the owners) are talking on the cellular phones.   The object, it seems to be, is so that the dog owner can appear “distracted”  and so that it appears that the dog owner does not “see” that their dog is pooping somewhere and then they walk away as if the dog didn’t poop.

See there are all kinds in this world and those are just a few of the inconsiderate ones.

What have you seen in your own neighborhood?

Just for the record,

The Place at the Lake

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A serene place, 

isolated place

natural setting

This lake , not far from the carousel, is a beautiful spot for an afternoon picnic .

There’s grass, picnic tables, carousel,  shade,  and a lake, an almost perfect place.

Home Rules

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At a garage sale, I found this  and I love it because it is perfect. 

Sometimes just a few words can make a huge difference in a life.

Oceans of Thoughts

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To be a Pollyanna or to be me, to be one who makes everyone happy 

or to be one who expresses one’s feelings honestly and openly, calmly and somewhat rationally,

which is the truth about you 

when you ask yourself whom you are?

To be what the world needs me to be or 

what the world wants me to be

To calm everyone’s nerves or to 

put everyone on their nerves

is there a difference

Is there a way to be me, and to be honest

and yet

still be the Pollyanna of the movies?

Or must we trade it all in

and be

what the script says?

Must we always make sure that we don’t offend anyone 

or  should we make it our job to offend at least one person today?

Or what if?

What if you are just being you? Will anyone recognize your honest efforts?

a few words

some questions

or jmo?

The Total Answer to the Problem of Bullies

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What do you do? 

Deal with screamers –at a distance–by email or by snail mail.   This cuts down on the yelling because you can not hear yelling that is done in typing or in writing.

If you have a screamer who denies screaming, record it and play it back to the screamer. (Check local laws regarding taping).

DISCLAIMER: Do only that which is safe for you to do.

These entries, as with our show episodes, are for entertainment purposes only.

Brooklyn is The Fourth Largest City in America

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This is a bad copy of a favorite photograph of mine.  

Many years ago, I was riding my bike down Avenue M in Brooklyn, NY.     One of the blocks looked really cool, different from typical Brooklyn streets.  It had more trees, and it was early so there was no traffic. I just liked the way that scene looked. 

I pulled one of those strange mirrors out of my pocket, and without even stopping the ride, I took a PS 35 camera out of my pocket also.   Yes, the diehard photographer who knows that it’s not about the camera but it is more about what you see with your mind and see with your eyes and feel with your heart, I snapped the photograph. 

And the resulting picture was published in the International Photographer’s Magazine , (the magazine has a different name now).    

The picture showed a deserted Brooklyn Street with a large hand coming out of the side of the picture.  In the hand was a small, small circle, and inside the circle was a face (wearing helmet), and in the background you could see all the trees.     I named the picture, “Camera-shy photographer”, and sent it in to the magazine and they published it.

Later, months later, I took the same photograph and added some of my beginner’s Chinese calligraphy to the middle of the street in the photograph .  And that was my final product, the picture that I like. 

This picture is kind of blurred, not the original but a copy good enough to post here. 

It is NOT the camera that counts, it is not the film, nor even the megapixels that count.  All that counts is that you see the world with your mind, heart, spirit and with your eyes and that you are conscious enough to take that snap.

I am a volunteer photographer and a volunteer videographer.   

That works for me.

What’s your hobby or cause or “in-the-meantime pastime?

YOU are a Winner!

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Failure is the very essence of life.   We can not do anything without failure.           So many major discoveries were made accidentally –through failure.  And it continues to happen that way. 

So, we should not fret when we fail at something.
Just  try it again.

And again, and then one more time, again.

Yep, that’s it. Just keep on trying; keep on keeping on.

The Garden

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Is this my garden ?

Well, temporarily it is mine.  Smiles.

Actually, I do not own the garden nor do I live there , but  while I am able to stand there and gaze at it, and admire the beauty, well, for those moments this is mine. 

So there you go.


Come to the farm.

Farming in the City

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If you want to see the chickens or the roosters or the farm or the cows, or the bull 

or the pigs, or the birds, or the vegetables or the flower garden, you do not have to leave New York City. 

Go to the Queens County Farm –it is a working farm in NYC.   And you will see all the wildlife, and you might even see the peacock, and more, at the Queens County Farm Museum property.

(oh, it’s mostly all outdoors and they have some indoor buildings like the gift shop).


And, if you really want to be adventurous, go to the farm events, like the Pow Wow, the motorcycle event, and the Fall Harvest festival pumpkin patch kind of event.

WRONG ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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The world today, and people wonder why it seems to be spinning too fast. 

There is no right and there is no wrong.

People are afraid to tell someone that they are wrong. 

People are afraid to use the word, “wrong”.

Instead they say, “inappropriate”.

Someone stabs someone and someone says, “That’s inappropriate”. 

What would be appropriate?  If they shot someone, would that be appropriate?


Society has re-decided what right and wrong are.  Society has decided to take the words right and wrong out of society so that they do not offend anyone.

THAT’S what’s wrong.

We are too concerned about offending people and not concerned enough  to catch , jail and punish murderers, killers, rapists, thieves, scammers,  con men,  violent criminals, and yes,  dope smokers.  

We are too concerned about offending someone so society has decided to  re-coin right and wrong.

It  is not working. 

We need to teach children, from as early as they can understand -what is wrong, and what is right.  That’s it’ Period.  That is what is needed. 

If a child, whether that child be slow or fast, or fat or skinny or perfect or mentally ill or whatever that child is–if a child learns and remembers and respects what is right and knows what is wrong, that child will grow to be a good human being (that’s right GOOD human being ) who will not go out there and rape and kill and commit crimes.  PERIOD!

That’s what  is needed.

Let us STOP teaching kids what is inappropriate and start teaching them what is   WRONG!  and What is RIGHT!

Got that?

Go watch some movies and be observant.

Learn a lesson from what is happening in our world.

Let’s stop worrying about whom we might offend.

That’s it.

Got comments?
Go for it.

No offense taken, say what you like.

Adopted : One Angel

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This is a dog, a dog , who for real, had what we call, “a dog’s life”. 

North Shore Animal League had rescued about seventy dogs and puppies from a horrible puppy mill in Missouri, USA.     And then they brought them all the way to NYC, and cleaned them up,  brought them back to health.  They trimmed their nails, cut their hair, and made them feel as comfortable as they could feel, after such an ordeal.

All seventy dogs/puppies , then , a few days after their rescue , were put on display at North Shore for their adoption days.      The weekend past, and I had not even known that they had all those dogs.    

I had been looking for a specific type of dog for about seven or eight months or so.    I went all over looking, at vets, at pet stores, at adoption centers, at shelters, but no dog fit the description of the dog that I wanted.   (I was in no hurry at all, so I kept on looking for my special dog).

There at North Shore, after their large adoption days, after almost all of the puppy mill dogs had been adopted and taken out of there, I went to North Shore.      I asked the question; I described the dog that I was looking for, and the person brought me to the place where they had three dogs left from the puppy mill adoptions.   

Almost all three fit my description, and this darling dog is the one that I adopted.

She is a pedigree, a pure chihuahua.  She is the sweetest dog that anyone would ever want to meet.   She is truly a princess. 

She had a hard life.    She was the “breeder” ..dog.  They forced her to have puppies for her life and she kept on having puppies.

And when they figured that  they had “worn her out”,  she was at the point where they were going to get rid of her.

And, then,  yes , and then,

then I came along and saw her standing there at North Shore.

 This dog stood there motionless.   And I guess that is why nobody had adopted her when everyone was there looking for dogs.

She really wasn’t what  people are looking for when they go looking for a new dog.
But that didn’t matter to me.

I saw her, and when I looked at her, I knew that she was meant to be with me. 

I knew that this dog was just waiting there for me, to bring her home.

And I did.

(After the official adoption process, I went into their store -at North Shore, and bought a carrier for her to put her into the car).

This dog is a little angel.

IF you are looking for an angel, do not go to the pet stores.
Go to the North Shore Animal League or go somewhere else to adopt the angel.

You will be so happy you did.

You can not buy happiness and you can’t buy love.

But you sure can find an angel at North Shore Animal League of America.

Gena Dry, A Singer, Performer, Woman with a Cause, R.I.P.

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Gena,   a former guest on the show.    (The picture, above, was taken during one of our shows; this was the garden show).  Gena appeared in about four or five of our shows, each one very different.    On one show, she sang a song that she wrote, called, “CHANGE”.  

Gena was great.     She came first and was part of a panel on our show.  The topic was about “Age”.    On the panel was a teenager, someone about 70 or so and Gena , the middle participant.

After the show I talked with Gena and we decided that she had the ability to do her own show.   She came back to the studio and she did a show called, ’5  Questions You Should Ask Your Therapist”.    She did her own artiwork for the show, drawings of the trail of a train, train cars along with letters .

Gena hosted the show , and did all the talking , etc,  and she did a wonderful job.   It was about her book, “5 Questions You Should Ask Your Therapist”.  Gena was from England,  across the seas, but she was here in America doing an A-class wonderful job hosting her show on public access (as part of one of my shows; it was one of my episodes , probably about five or six years ago).

Gena came back for about two more shows, and each show was as different as the leaves on a tree.     Rest in Peace , Gena.  She has died. She died in London, England.   She is missed.

Here is a clip that she did (and she posted online).  (She liked to do her own videos also and post them online).

Gena wrote a book about her experience .

And later , a few years later, I found this video online (this is not my video; this is a “news” video about the therapist). Long before Gena died, she posted this news video AT her own website.


My Art

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My “Art” 

Well, over the years,  and now, my art consists of many things, 

   collage,   picture and magazine and photo and brush painting collage, 

and  photography,  writing  , calligraphy,  and a  few other mixed media ways of doing art. 

When did I begin calling myself an “artist”? 

Well, that could be a few different answers . 

Way back when ,  I took part in a special art exhibit in NY , called, 

“Brooklyn’s Own Artists and Photographers”.     I did wonder why there was a differentiation between the two “artists” and “photographers” . To me, photography, depending on how you do it , is an art form in itself. 

Yet, society tends to think of it as separate from art just because most photographers use “electronics” and batteries and various camera items, including flash etc, etc.      

To me, photography is its’ own art and should not be separated from “art” in any other sense of the word.  Think about it. I have seen Jackson Pollack’s work, and I have seen photographs that far outshine the beautify of Jackson’s paintings yet, Jackson is an “artist” by society’s standards. 

In fact, I have seen high school and college students’ photography that , to me, was more stunning and more beautiful than Jackson’s work.   

 Dali and Picasso were painters, yet SOME, just some of their work, I would not pay for , I would not want.  Again, I’ve seen photographs far more beautiful than some (key word -some) of Dali’s work and Picasso’s work. 

But hey, that is only my opinion . 

And so,  when I saw some so-called artist’s work –it was displayed in the Museum in Brooklyn, and it was some sort of gross display of a cross in urine, when I saw that, I thought,  “Wow.  They call this guy an artist”?   And yes, that was the day that i said to myself, 

I am a much better artist than the person who relies on urine to make a splash in the art world.  

That’s, again, my own opinion, 

And so,   here is my really bad art..(–yes,  that is what I think) but I keep it because the piece has a significant meaning for  me,, and probably for anyone else who might understand the message. 


The picture above is one of my photography collages –done BEFORE they had the internet .  In other words, this is a physical collage –done without adobe photoshop , obviously.    But I like this picture anyway. 


In Memory of Leiby Kletzky

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From the desk of

YOU Information Show :


First, the memory of Leiby Kletzky

a note about Leiby Kletzky

Of all the stories that came over the news over the past few years,  this is one that I will remember forever.   The story of a little angel,  “Leiby Kletzky”.

Today’s memory  is for Leiby Kletzky,  a young angel, who is no longer with us.

Leiby, we will always remember you…always.

The first video,  clips from Leiby’s life, as a baby, as a child,

What Did You Call That Kid?

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A picture is worth a thousand words. 

This  young girl,  a teenager, looks slightly malnourished.

Sometimes even when the body might appear hungry, sometimes, the human spirit fills that  hunger with food for the mind, food for thought, with literature, books, reading, and all sorts of wonderful things which eventually will and eventually do bring healing.

If you have a hunger in your life, fill it with art, music, beauty, nature,  and fill it with all things wonderful and beautiful.

Fight your battles in the world, not with swords, and not with physical power but fight your battles with determination, with  persistence, with an undying love of learning, and an unstoppable journey in the right direction, all the while being guided by your most Higher Power, the creator of Heaven and Earth,  Jesus Christ.

Every hungry child is renewed, refreshed, and reborn  with  strong faith and an unfailing love of liberty and life.

What is your hunger?    What do you thrive for?    What is your goal and your journey?


Topic: Thanks for your comments

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DSC00299Thank you for your participation in this television show and in this blog. We welcome all your comments, whether you agree with us or not, please leave your comments on any of our articles.

Want to be on our show? You can let us know. Fill out a form there and we will put you on our guest list in the future. Write for details. There is NEVER any charge to be on our show . (You provide your own transportation to and from the show; we do not reimburse for travel).

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Stop Child Abuse

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awesomepark3 072
Stop child abuse.

Stop domestic violence.

When we think about the topic of child abuse, we must remember that while some victims grow up and some victims grow and heal,  that most child abusers stay the same.   (Key word being “most”).

So, if we look at life honestly, when we see the “aged” and those who have reached their senior years, we must remember that respect is not “given” just because a person is old.    Respect, in our world, is earned.   Of course,  we should treat all human beings with respect, and treat them nice and treat them as how we would want to be treated.

However, what we must do also, if we look at the world honestly, is remember that some seniors  are the abusers of yesterday.    And there are some who have not changed, not healed and not changed anything about themselves.

So, next time you are tempted to immediately feel sorry for someone just because they are old, remember this,

one day, killers  will be old, and  rapists  will be old, and there are serial killers who will be “old”; some day child abusers will be old and child abductors will be “old”.   We must remember that  batterers will be old,  and those who prey on children will be old.   And it is so the truth that “age is just a number”.

Everyone, if they live long enough will reach their senior years.

So “senior years” does not automatically equal reverence and respect.  All it means is that the person has been on this earth a long time.

We must look to their current behavior to really assess what kind of respect they have earned.

Knowing that serial killers, and rapists, and child abusers, and all sorts of criminals eventually grow old also gives me a whole different outlook on the topic of “aged”  , of “seniors” , of  “old”.

Not saying that all seniors are bad, just saying that not all seniors are “good”.

So, this is the blog,  YOU Information Show , which offers a different aspect , a different look at life, sometimes offers some thoughts that you might never heard of nor thought of.

And this is the blog which opens up all lines of communication and all lines of “different” thought ideas.

What is your honest opinion?


Now is the time

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So, when is it time to say, “No” to Facebook?   

Read the title of this entry. 

For years, and for way too many years, I, along with millions of others, have been complaining about facebook’s privacy (none) policies.   Every so often, the website revamps its’ privacy policy –for the most part -which gives no privacy to anyone and gives everything to sales, commercials and to marketing. 

If you are on facebook and you want to make anything private, it’s almost impossible.   Even things that you mark  for family or friends only –will or might get made public –depending on how you use Facebook. 

AND NOW, yes, now, they have come up with this ridiculous policy of wanting to access and use 

YOUR cellular phone microphones and cameras —for their benefit. 

Don’t believe the hype they give you. 

  Now is the time. 

No, not deleting facebook entirely but not using it entirely either. 

Enough already Facebook. 

   Agreed?  Now is the time to leave Facebook. 

Begin by deleting all your personal photographs and posting only non descript photos, in general photos. 

And it will take years to delete all your photos if you post regularly. 

What do you think about Facebook? 

Now is the time. 

Renewal Rain

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Tonight all the flowers and the plants and the trees are getting a beautiful drink of the best water around.   Tomorrow every plant and every flower will be so energetic. 

And yes, sometimes those bits of lightning and thunder are so reminiscent of Hurricane Sandy.    But that was the past.   Well, for some it is the past.  I feel sorry for those who are still living with the results of Sandy and now they are hearing the thunder and  lightning.    Well, we have to think statitstic-wies, this little storm will not be as bad as Sandy.   And that is the good news. 

For sure I can’t wait for summer to really begin.   To look deep into the ocean, to feel the cool sand under my toes and to sit by the water, reading a book.   Yes, I said, reading a book.  One of my most favorite places to read is by the ocean.  

Enough blabbing for now.   Have a nice day and remember to plant, plant, plant and then plant some.   Begin some seeds indoors and then bring them out when the weather is better.