Years ago, when I watch a movie called, “No Impact Man”,    I began to notice how much plastic we throw away each week.   I began to notice how much cardboard we threw away, each week.

Before seeing this movie, I never really paid attention to any of that.     So, from that one movie I began to make some changes.

Before  I saw that movie, I use to throw away about twenty to thirty empty plastic bottles  (half-gallon bottles) each month.  After watching that movie, I began to make my own home-made ice tea  using filtered water, and using a glass.   Now the only time I buy the half gallon of ice tea is for holidays or when we have company, or  more family or friends over.   So,   that twenty to thirty bottles has been reduced to about one or two bottles each month, and sometimes even less than that.

When I do buy the ice tea, I now purchase the glass bottles instead of the plastic bottles.  I can then re-use the glass bottle for storing grains or something.

In the past, I used to buy large plastic bottles of Sierra Mist or some lemon sodas.   Now, I have the soda machine, and I make my own seltzer to make lemon soda, and I’ve switched to making some lemonade also to replace some of the sodas.

The recycling switch is healthier for me also.    Most times I enjoy the home made lemonade better than the old lemon sodas.   The switch has given me the opportunity to drink more water.   Even when I do buy the Sierra Mist, now, when I pour a glass, I use a third of filtered water or half filtered water with the soda.

Try to  find the movie, “No Impact Man” and see what changes you can make in your own life to help save the planet and to get healthier .

Just for the record, it is my opinion that the no impact man went too far.   It isn’t necessary to go without diapers if you have a baby.  Just make some small changes and you can make  world of difference.