The Shadow of My Voice, 90s Portrait


Self Portrait , 90s, YOU Information Show

There are so many reasons that I love photography and other forms of art.  Of course, both can be beautiful, thought-provoking and interesting.   But one of the main reasons that I love photography and art is because these things allow me to maintain and keep a record of things once lost, of times once spent, and of thoughts or actions or experiences that I have had at one time in  my life.  Every part of life is important — even those times that might not have been the happiest times in life, every moment and every experience is important because it is part of you, part of your story.

I took the picture, above, during a time in my life when I didn’t have too much going for me.  What I mean is that I was being bullied, being stalked, and being pushed around and yet, for the most part it appeared that I was being silent about the experiences and about what was happening to me.   Yet, was I being silent?  Silence on the outside is very different from silence from inside of you. Silly, but that’s just my experience .  Even in my most silent of times, I spoke out through my art.   I pictured myself without really showing myself.   In this picture, above, this was one of my ‘free’ times, a day that I had time to spend –away from the person who was bullying me.   Yet, as much as I wanted to practice photography, I really didn’t want myself seen in a photograph.   So that was the result of my artistic ability at the moment.

I took that picture back in the 90s.  And that was quite a long time ago, almost in another lifetime.  (If the date on it is different, that is just because that is when I uploaded it to a computer).  Yes, that was a ‘real film’ picture.  Back when photographers didn’t really use much digital equipment, and we were all using TMAX and other kinds of films and Kodak processes and all  and other ‘real’ camera films, that picture was printed out and processed ‘the old-fashioned way’.   Yet,  this picture is one of my favorites.   The original is a little different.   I took the original print , back in the 90s, and copied it on a machine and adjusted the color and everything else to exactly the way that I wanted it to be.  So, though you might think that picture is pretty bad –photographically, to me it was and so is, ‘just perfect’.  The self-portrait is exactly as I wanted it to be. So there you go.

Yes, except for the odd shape there (you see my elbows jutting out because I was holding the little old camera out there, totally distracted by the old fashioned lamppost there, the shadow on the wall).   Hey, smiles, sometimes you get lemons.

During many times of my life, I created shadow portraits, and also created collages.  Silly me, even in my most silent times, I refused to be totally silenced.  My art has always spoken my words when my words, simply, were not able to escape in the ordinary way.

Yes, still, it’s a favorite photograph of mine.


The Good Stuff …

No matter what happens where, there’s always the good stuff…..happening somewhere, hopefully near you. 

The good stuff this week:

  • Hearing that a (secret) prayer was answered magnificently (and yet, I didn’t know at the moment it was answered (about a year ag0).  I just heard about it this past week. *Yes, long story, but it’s good.
  • Been getting some answers lately to questions that I have asked myself, about some of my volunteer work. That’s all good also.
  • Been finding some more time and some more energy to do things.  And that’s all good!
  • My blue hand and other injuries from last week have mostly healed.   At least I’m not blue anymore, smiles.  Some remain, yet that’s okay too.  Everything’s dealable!
  • Yes, I am no longer ‘out of coffee and out of sugar”.  And that’s all good.
  • Some other things, that I can’t type here, due to privacy, and that’s all good.

So all in all, this past month or so has worked out okay in most areas,

and yes,


that’s all good!




Be On Television …

In this entry,  I have put together  a photography slide show, that contains photography from many of our previous shows, shows in the past and it demonstrates the variety of the topics on this television show.  The topics range from a  to z, including all topics like poetry, writing, science, nature, camping, reading, books, authors, celebrations, community happenings, children, positive thinking , domestic violence awareness,  what’s happening in and around your own cities, helpful hints, consumer spots, entertainment, singing, festivals,  communication, child abuse awareness, helpful shows, health and alternative health sources shows,  current events, religion and spirituality, the Bible, hiking, backpacking, how to, crafts shows, photography shows, September 11th shows, memorial shows, shows about Veterans,  flowers, plants,  and more than that.

If I haven’t mentioned your topic or your specialty, please contact us.  We will be glad to find time and space on some future tv show for your cause or for your message or for your talent.  Contact for further details.

Check out this slideshow for a small handful of ideas –pictures that came from many of our past and of our recent shows.  If you want to be on the show, contact us.   We look forward to hearing from you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Helpful Hints Today

Probably one of the best helpful hints for today, for the yard, is to invest in a JAWSAW .  This saw is beautiful!  It makes yard clean up == when it comes to old  trees or branches or other types of wood (of certain sizes) an easy job.

The only one probably with the saw is that if you use it on a piece of wood too small, the chain pops up and off.  That is easily remedied by using the  small tool that came with the saw .



After having about four or five days without having any coffee, I notice a huge difference in the energy level.  What’s in coffee, besides caffeine? Smiles.

And after removing most (practically all ) fast food from my regular diet (which is not a diet), I notice a huge difference in my health (all for the better).  Even if the day comes that I decide to have some fast food, it probably will be the regular  potatoes or fries rather than opting for all that artificial meat that the fast food places pump out each day.

(By artificial,  I mean, the meat with the additives, artificial colors, artificial flavors and who knows what else).   (Three recommended movies and or books,   “Fast Food, Inc.” ,  “No Impact Man” ,    and a book called either  THE WAY WE EAT or THE FOOD WE EAT (honestly, I forgot the title of the book but it’s one of those there).

And I noticed that sometimes even “healthy” food (that which is advertised as “nothing artificial” , can be unhealthy to some of us.    There are those powdered foods like the powder from some of the Mac and Cheese meals that you make in the microwave. Yes, these are convenient, but  I noticed , that in some cases, they can really make you wheeze if you are allergic to some of those healthy ingredients.

So, for today, I’m having only real food, green food, safer food and hopefully healthy food and then a little bit of the so called unhealthy , once in a long , long while.  That seems to work for me, for the time being.




Regarding the article, “If you don’t like pit bulls, don’t own one”.

Edited article:  I edited this to get the article shorter. I believe it has the same message and important truths, facts and opinions.  You are free to comment whether you support adopting pit bulls or not, whatever your view, you are free to leave a civil comment. Thanks for reading.

An opinion on the comment “If you don’t like pit bulls, don’t own one”.

“Not owning ”  a pit bull will never stop you from being bitten, mauled or even killed by a pit bull.  Many times, the victims are not the owners of the dogs.

There have been times when these dogs have jumped from second floor windows to attack someone, and times when these dogs have attacked and successfully killed a US  Veteran.   There were times when these dogs have killed newborn babies (who  didn’t own the pit bulls), and toddlers and other vulnerable children , (who didn’t own pit bulls) and none of them survived the attack.    There were times when there were people in wheelchairs attacked and mauled by pit bulls (fighting breed dogs and “family pets” who were fighting breed dogs.

Pit bulls and other types of fighting breed dogs have mauled , severely maimed and killed innocent human beings who were someone’s mom, sister, brother, uncle, friend or neighbor or even co-workers.   So, “not owning” a pit bull or not owning a ifghting breed dog never, ever prevents the fatal attacks ever.

Go to youtube and look up the stories.   You will find the truth yourself right in the real newscasts of mainstream television.

So, in conclusion,  “not owning” a pit bull is not the solution to stopping fatal attacks by pit bulls or by other fighting breed dogs.

SOME of the other fighting breed dogs are Cane Corso, Rottweilers, Presarios, Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, and mix dogs that are part fighting breed dog.

Fighting breed dogs , including pit bulls , have been banned from all of the United States Army facilities, barracks etc, dorms, etc, living quarters .  And this ban was probably the direct result of when a six year old got attacked by a pit bull on the US property.

NOTE:  THIS ARTICLE IS NOT “AGAINST” PIT BULLS OR FIGHTING BREED DOGS.   This article is merely an answer to the statement , “If you don’t like pit bulls don’t own  one”.   I happen to like all animals.  However, when I read the statistics and when I see how many babies, toddlers, adults, seniors, vulnerable people, handicapped people have been fatally attacked by pit bulls, it just makes me really ‘re-think’ having a pit bull as a pet.   Pit bulls, while they are funny, and cute and sweet, are one type of dog breed that, usually, fatally attacks or kills when they go to bite someone.    ALL DOGS BITE BUT Pit Bulls are the dogs that kill.    Honestly,  go do a google search and see how many chihuahuas have ever actually killed someone, or poodles, or schnauzers, or any other (non fighting breed dog) .    You see, only the fighting breed dogs kill hundreds of animals, and human beings each and every year. 


You never heard of a chihuahua killing a horse right?  But, a pit bull has killed a horse.  You never heard of a poodle kllling a goat, right?  But pit bulls have killed goats.  You never heard of greyhounds killing cats or dogs right? Yet, pit bulls have killed cats and dogs.

In fact, in many cases, pit bulls have killed a cat or dog and then their next victim (that the pit bull fatally attacked was a human being).  Is anyone reading the writing on the wall?