What is Happening Across the Nation?

Mystery  or  Obvious?  Only  you know the answer.  Here is the puzzle / or not. 

Police Officers, Deputy Sheriffs,

Army, Navy, Marines, Soldiers, Sailors,

Fire Chiefs, Fire Captains, Firemen and Firewomen,


EMTs, EMS, FIrst Responders,

Veterans of World War II, Vetearns of Viet Nam

Veterans of other wars,

Now, there you go, you have the titles, the employment names and

the ranks of all those diversified individuals, those qualified individuals,

those fully trained and prepared individiuals,

Now, tell us, what do they all have in common?  What have each and every one of them experienced?

Some are still alive, but some have not survived?

What is the plague that has reached into all of the corners of nation

and ripped those lives apart, changed them forever?

What do they all have in common?


Pit bulls and pit bull mixes,  and in some cases rot.t.s and cane cor.sos fighting breed dogs, attacks from these dogs. 

Their lives, the lives of these Military people, the lives of these police officers and of these fire chiefs , and firemen and the lives of these Marines, Sailors, and Army personnel,  these lives  changed, and some didn’t survive at all.   That is what they all have in common.

Uniformed men and women, survivors of war, survivors of jobs that threaten their lives every day, survivors , long after the wars they fought, but yet, stopped in their tracks, and attacked by pit bulls and pit bull mixes.

How many more police officers, deputy sheriffs, fire captains, Marines, Sailors, Soldiers,  EMTs, EMS workers, first responders, how many more must be attacked and or must die before we get

BSL nationwide?  (BSL  Breed Specific Laws)…

how many more?

If our uniformed officers and if our Veterans and retired Veterans can not survive pit bull attacks, how can we expect that teenagers or children or vulnerable adults to survive attacks by pit bulls and by pit bull mixes and cane corsos ….? How many more attacks must we count?

How many more bodies must we bury before we have BSL?

Vote BSL, save our police officers’ lives, save our Military lives, save our Fire Chiefs’  lives . Just vote BSL (Breed specific laws).

firefighter fights pit bullIMPORTANT NOTE:

Before you leave a note here, know this.  This article and this entry is not about nor for “pit bull  apologists ‘  or about or for “pit bull addicts”.  This entry is written for Police Officers, Sheriffs’ Deputies, for EMTs, for firemen and firewomen, and Fire Captains, and Fire Chiefs, and about Sailors, Marines, and Army men and women, and about all other uniformed service officers –all of these groups are consistently and constantly being attacked by pit bulls and by pit bull mixes across the nation.   Veterans of Viet Nam, Veterans of World War II,  men and women who are fully trained and fully experienced to defend themselves and to defend others, are finding it increasingly difficult to survive these attacks by fighting-breed dogs.

Please help them.

VOTE BSL.  Vote for BSL , for breed specific laws.

If you love America and if you love our police officers and deputy sheriffs, and our fire chiefs and fire captains,and our EMS and our EMT workers, vote BSL.

If you love those who stand up for freedom and who save lives every day, vote BSL.

Vote for candidates who vote for BSL.

This is YOUR entry.

Don’t you really don’t like it when you write a heartfelt long post and then you go to press send and you lose all the words?  Sometimes I just think that it was mean’t to be and the words simply weren’t meant to be heard , yet.

And so, what other topic should I write about here?
Got ideas?

Got questions?

Got topic choice?

I’m open to most suggestions for topics.
I dare you to participate.


And it Continues, Across America

Pit bulls are the number one animals who are responsible for killing other pit bulls. 

Do you  value your dog’s life?

Are you aware that it is pit bulls who are killing other pit bulls, more than any other animal who kills?

Who is responsible for the deaths of the pit bull?   Which animal, more than any other animal, is responsible for the deaths of pit bulls, on the streets and in homes and in fighting rings, and all over the world?  Who?  

You might be surprised at the answer.

But seriously, if we were to compare dogs, dogs that kill other dogs, the one and only answer would be pit bulls , and sometimes mastiffs.

Pit bulls kill more pit bulls than poodles do.   Pit bulls kill more pit bulls than chihuahuas kill.  Pit bull kill more pit bulls than afghan hounds kill.  Pit bulls kill more pit bulls than King Carles Cavalieres kill.  Pit bulls kill more pit bulls than toy poodles do .  Pit bulls kill more mini pins than any other dog kills.   In fact, if you are really honest, you know for sure that a poodle, or a chihuahua or a cocker spaniel has never ever killed a pit bull ever.  So, you know that the pits that are being killed by other dogs, are being killed in cold blood by other pit bulls.  AND you know how horrible the death is when death comes by pit bulls. I’m sure you have read enough news stories to know that.  Heck, you sure don’t want that happening to your pit bulls.  Vote BSL.  Vote BSL to save the pit bulls.

And now that I have your attention, it is also pit bulls and pit bull mixes and other fighting breed dogs who are attacking our Military personnel, our police officers, our soldiers and our sailors , and our EMT and EMS workers, and our firefighters, and our first responders .

Please help stop the carnage and protect our workers who are working to save lives.   Vote BSLPhoto on 7-29-13 at 3.57 AM

It is sad to say, but the dog that is killing more animals than any other dog kills –is still the pit bull.

So, who can save the pit bull from death? Who can change our cities around so that no more pit bulls die?     You can help.  And this is the way that you can help.

1.  Get involved, and have your Congress people and Senators and all your local people vote for  BSL  –that’s  breed specific laws.  If you love pit bulls like you say you do, then you will push for BSL.   Why?  Because BSL is made to stop the killing.

BSL is made to punish the owners of dogs that maul, maim, kill , and dismember other pit bulls, other dogs, other animals and also, for those that kill human beings.     Why would any one who cares about pit bulls not vote for BSL?  The only reason could be that they might be misinformed.  That’s it.

In the hopes of saving pit bulls from being killed  in street crimes, and being killed when they get loose just because someone is not locking their doors, or because they are being locked outdoors in winter, in snow in all kinds of weather,  reasonable people need to help get the BSL (breed specific laws ) in place in their own communities.

So,  help  us save the pit bulls.   Vote for BSL in your communities.

If you really love pit bulls , like you say that you do, let’s stop those “other” pit bulls from killing your pit bulls.  Without laws, and without the BSL , there is a very good chance that your own pit bulls are in danger.  Yes, in danger.   The reason a lot of pit bulls get killed by police is because a loose pit bull , is endangering the lives of police and the lives of other human beings around.

So, YOU CAN HELP  save pit bulls if you jump on board and help get BSL  (breed specific laws ) in your cities and states.   Save your own pit bull, vote BSL.

This will change the cities and it will protect the “good” pit bulls.  You say you have a “good ” pit bull right? You say your pit bull is “gentle” right ?   Well, put your money where your mouth is and save the pit bulls by voting for BSL.

You do not have to get rid of your dog -that is a misconception.  You do not have to sell your dog or adopt your dog out. Yes, you can keep your pit bull.

Just vote  BSL  all the way, nationwide, and worldwide.  BSL saves pit bulls. What are you waiting for?

The Way Your Thoughts Go is The Way That You Go

If you want to change your life for the better, then think good thoughts.  Think of good things.  Focus on good things and on good people , and on good actions. 

Whatever you focus on, you will see manifested in your life.  It might take time but it will happen as sure as the sun shines in the sky.

God has told us from the beginning, to think about things that are good and pure and helpful … and that’s a good idea.  What better advice could we get from any human being when this advice comes from the Creator of all human beings?


7 “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things” 

Think on things that are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, ….

Just do it.  Do it because God says this is the best thing for humans to do.

Jerry Lewis and the roasty things

This is the one and only post that will feature name-calling. I don’t like Don Rickles and I don’t like “roasts” . However, I love this one because as Don Rickles “roasts” Jerry Lewis, Don seems focused on the whole audience and the other stars…and leaves the puns minimal when it comes down to Jerry.

Jerry Lewis rocks.. and I hope he makes many more movies. (He is presently making a movie; I think the name of it is called, “The Trust ” or “Trust”.

If you like Jerry, put a comment here — Thanks .