Meals on Wheels, Seniors, Vulnerable, OUCH!!!!

In our city, we have this program called, “MEALS ON WHEELS”.     Two people, in a car, go around our city, with the list of seniors, and these two people, go upstairs, ring doorbells, go into large apartment buildings, knock on people’s doors, and go anywhere they need to go in order to deliver meals to the seniors, to the disabled, and this is what MEALS ON WHEELS is.  The same organization,sometimes, has a car to bring the seniors to the doctors, to shopping and to places where they want to go. 

NOW, yes, now, look at this newspaper article about another city, another program, very similar program, where this person was viciously attacked by THREE pit bulls.  All this person was doing was serving the community, helping the seniors, just doing his or her job.  Look what happened.

More and more and more our workers are risking their lives to do jobs that are supposed to be ordinary jobs.

Then , boom, boom appears the pit bull that will change their lives forever, for the worst.  Boom appears the defenders of pit bulls, who will look at this unprovoked attack and search and search and try to find  away to say that this is not the pit bulls’ fault.  No .

Don’t listen to pit bull apologists! Just don’t listen.

Stay safe, get away from those dogs while you can.

Stay safe and stay , steer clear of pit bulls.

©2004Linda All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic rights. No copies without prior written permission.

©2004Linda All rights reserved including internet, International and electronic rights. No copies without prior written permission.

I took this picture of a bird, a rescued bird.  The bird was in danger and the people from the animal sanctuary went and rescued this wonderful bird.

But what about the real rescues?   Real rescues are rescues of animals who do not pose the danger,  of losing life and limb,  to human beings. So, we already know what wild animals are dangerous to humans, but what about the domestic animals that harm humans, in unprovoked attacks , and without warning?

The picture of this bird of prey above, is a picture of just that, a bird of prey.   But when you see a picture of a pit bull, rottweiller or mastiff, or other fighting breed dog, all you see is the dog, the dog just there, just being friendly.   And that is what you will see shortly before the unprovoked attack.

So all we are saying here is know that if or when a pit bull attacks a human or attacks another animal, that pit bull –guaranteed–will issue no warning.  That pit bull will go from happy, carefree, non-aggressive in one second flat —to  “pit will kill you” , without a doubt, without a warning, without provocation.  There you go, you have just been given a warning from your friendly, non-aggressive pit bull.

And in the future when your pit bull attacks or kills someone–do not say you had no warning because I just gave you the warning. Your pit bull WILL attack a human or kill an animal or kill a human.  Do you need more warning than this? Well, if your answer is yes, then perhaps you will be way too late when your next warning from your pit bull (they don’t warn you) happens.

Bring your pit bull to the shelter . Tell them you don’t want to own a fighting-breed dog any longer.  Tell them it doesn’t matter to you how long you have owned your pit bull. Tell them that it doesn’t matter to you that your pit is non-aggressive. Tell them that you prefer to learn your lessons the easy way rather than the hard way. Tell them that you won’t take any more chances with your children or with your neighbor’s children. Tell them that you do understand English and that from this day forward, you flatly refuse to put your dog’s reputation over your children’s safety.  Tell them you just opened your eyes and you are eternally grateful to the person(s) who made you aware that fighting -breed dogs are not pets.

Tell them, “thank you, but no thank you, ” I do not want to keep this pit bull.

Whew!   That was close!

Prayers for you, your kids, your nieghbors, and your co-workers and everyone around you. Peace to all. And thanks go God, that one more person has seen the light, has recognized the extreme danger of having a pit bull in the home.


Suggestion Box?

Our studio is totally awesome.  We have great equipment, cameras, audio board, etc, and even the tricaster is so totally the best.  Love this new equipment. 

So, what’s missing in the building?

This is just an opinion, but I’m posting it.

We are missing a suggestion box.   This is a box where people feel free to make suggestions on improvments, on how to change things or add things.etc.    We have no suggestion box.

Many businesses don’t like suggestion boxes because there is always one employee who is a joker and the employee might leave a funny or odd or worse suggestion.
But imagine what would happen if all the employees and all the volunteers were permitted to use or to participate in a suggestion process through a suggestion box?

IT’s just brainstorming, thinking things through, just really giving suggestions that might be helpful to other producers, or to staff or to Administration or to other volunteers.

So, if you own or run a company,  get a nice shoebox and use that for your suggestion box.  You might be surprised at that shows up there.


Suggestions are like flowers.  You choose some, pick some and leave some grow.

Some are helpful; others are beautiful and others are not useful at all. It all depends on the flower and the season, and other factors.

CEOs and Administrators..let it bloom.  Get yourself a nice suggestion box.



The brunch was nice, interesting. Lots of producers, volunteers, staff there .  Was nice meeting some new producers and very cool connecting with other producers who do regular shows on the CTV station.

This picture is from Nova 2013.

Though I have been with CTV for a good number of years, I have never entered the Nova contest , yet.  Once again ,aiming for this year.  Trying to remember to follow the instructions and have the right form to fill out and also to have the deadline on my calenar.

Last year there was a show or two that I wanted to enter into the Nova but I procrastinated (unintentionally)  and missed the deadline, again.

Will this year be any different?   Who knows.

But, again this event will be on my calendar, and the deadlines will be on my calendar and we will see what happens , this year.   I’m not discouraged because as they say, “there’s always next year”. And they are correct.  There is always anotehr good year after this one.

So Houston, here we come 2015  .

At least for this year, my goal is set at   getting the application, filling the application out and then taking the required video and putting it on disk .  That much, I believe, I think that I can handle.


Nova 2013 . ©2913 Linda . All rights reserved including internet and electronic rights. No copies without prior written consent.

And from there, we go forward, hopefully.

Large Sodas, Food Triangle

While some politicians know that the main problem in our society is an extra large soda, and while some think that regulated eating and regulating food at fast food places is the most important thing on the agenda, 

.some of these women in this video know that some policitians have their priorities wrong.


Truth is that a large soda is not a problem.  A large soda is a choice.

Real problems in society stem more from this  rather from the size of sodas.

Size doesn’t matter as much as politicians think

Sometimes age matters more than size matters.


Week of April 20, 2015 Topic: Beaches, Community Events, Festivals, Forests, Parks

What about all those beautiful places where we gather in the warm weather, beaches, community events, festivals, forests, parks and all those type of events? 

What about them?   You remember, years ago, how festive they used to be?  You remember when you would just wander around, listening to the music, eating the food, and maybe even the kids would be wandering around the fairs, older kids in charge?

Remember those days?

Those days are gone.  Yes, yes, they are gone.  Now, now we have to take extra care, we have to be so careful and so protective of our children, of the babies, of the family members, of the teenagers.   Used to be where the teens could wander off at the fair and you didn’t have to be worried about them.

Enter the pit bull….

Enter the fighting-breed dogs..

Enter the inconsiderate owners..

..Enter the ones who bring their pits to the park just to find “little dogs” , what? As  bait?

Enter those pit owners who insist on walking their dogs on the beaches without using leashes.  Enter the pit owners who “pretend” their dogs are on leash.  So, when the dog attacks, they take the leash off their shoulder and they say that the dog got away, and that he couldn’t help them.  It was too late to help the victim who got assaulted by the pit bull. 

Enter chaos.

Exit the carefree summer.   Exit your well-planned vacation.   Exit the summer fun. 

Enter the bossy bullies as they call themselves.

Enter piddly little people who think that a dog’s life is far more precious than the life of a human being.  Enter the pit bull apologists.

Exit carefree summer vacations .   Enter  the changed essays of “How I Spent My Summer”. 

..and now,

…………..and now..

Enter the oceans of tears shed for family member who was attacked by a pit bull.  Enter that warm summer vacation, those few weeks of fun, of happiness,  of joy… turned, transformed into moments of hell,  weeks of despair,  months of tears,  horrible, horrible  seconds time thousands, and thousands of seconds times each wound, each bite mark, each mauling. 

Exit a normal life.  Exit a summer day filled with sunshine.  Exit a happy family; exit  some family members who could not run fast enough.

Enter a mauling by a pit bull.    Enter the sad sadistic pit bull owners who moans and cries and weeps when his or her pit bull is shot by the police. 

Enter the sob stories of how they resuced that pit bull.  Enter clueless ballads of the history of the nanny dog.  Enter the hidden.  Enter the cover-up.   Enter the hush. 

Yes, the hush.

Enter a world, almost like the twilight zone where the victims hide. ..and the perps march around freely , spouting their propaganda about poor pit bulls . Enter the world where the victims go through hundreds of procedures and hundreds of operations..for the victims, age two days all the way up to  90 years old.  

Enter sadness.

Enter anger.

But wait.  Wait.  Stop.  Wait just one moment. 

Enter the revolution.   Enter ticked off parents and angry relatives and super-angry friends and co-workers of those who lost their lives to pit bulls and to the deadly deeds of unscrupulous owners who flee the scene of the crime.  Yes, crime.

Enter the page turning. 

Enter a new direction.

Enter no more hush.  That’s right. No more hush.

Enter an annual video featuring the voices , the faces , the memories of the victims and of their families.   AVOCA.  Enter AVOCA…the voices of victims. 

Enter a new day.

Enter a new day, where victims are not longer isolated.  Enter a new day where victims and survivors and family member and victims’ advocates are united, are standing tall and speaking out.  Enter a new day. 

Enter  a past retreat turning into a full force “HEY we are here; we see you; we hear you, and we stand behind you” …

Enter … more hope.   Enter lots of hope.

Nothing can ever restore what was lost.     And even knowing that, we thank God we have the memory of those who were lost, taken, stolen, attacked, killed; we have the memory of those beatiful people and those beautiful eyes and those beautiful souls..

Enter a new day.

Standing united.  Standing tall.


Enter ..AVOCA….

Enter  ….

If you were mauled or bit by a pit bull or fighting-breed dog, or if someone you know was bit, or mauled, contact either organization..

Write to

Doesn’t This Make You Wonder ?

Another young child, another young child, now suffering because the person in charge of the child had pit bulls. 

Makes me wonder.  Reading that story, one feels sorry for everyone involved. However, there are many moments when I was reading that story and I could not help think this, how many, yes, how many of that woman’s relatives and friends had told this woman to get rid of the pit bulls? It makes me wonder how many times did someone tell her that these dogs are killers? It makes me wonder how many times did someone “put her pit bulls down by calling them names”, by judging them, by lumping those ‘special ” pet pit bulls into the larger group of killer pit bulls? I wonder, how many times? And it makes me wonder, how many times have those pit bulls attempted to bite other people or how many times they were successul at biting other people? It makes me wonder how many of the woman’s relatives blocked her on facebook because of her pit bulls? Wondering, wondering, wondering. Not saying these things are so, but I am saying, that story really makes me wonder, just how many times? How many times? AND how many times will we have to read stories like this, how many times will innnocent children suffer like this until these pit bulls are under control with better laws? Wondering?