Excruciating Pain

Skin injury

   Sometimes … go  holistic Sometimes you just need some holistic care…and prayer

When I see the injuries that babies, toddlers, children, teens and other vulnerable adults get from being attacked by pit bulls, I cringe, just cringe at the thought of the pain that they have from those injuries.    Thankfully, I have not ever been totally attacked by a pit bull.   But I still feel bad for those who have been attacked, for the victims, survivors, for the families and for the other animals who have been attacked and or killed by pit bulls.

The picture you see above is not the injury from a pit bull, however, it is posted here to help  people understand the pain that the victims are suffering from.  You can’t imagine what it is like to be attacked by a fighting breed dog.    And I can’t imagine it either.

However, that pain, there above, that pain that was from that injury (unrelated to pit bull  injuries).  was totally excruciating pain.  And it was pain all the time, night and day.  It was pain walking, and standing still.   It felt like third degree burns ; it felt like something was just ripping my skin off.  AND, that was from a minor injury to skin, minor compared to pit bull maulings.

So, when I see the kids who are attacked by pit bulls, I cringe to think of the pain, probably 100 times worse than the pain that is in that picture.   I cringe to think of all the surgeries they must go through, all the procedures, the stitches, the before and after and the during of all that pain.

And I wonder, only this.. how can anyone own a pit bull and have children in the same house? I just don’t get it.

Nobody Likes What He Says

unless they agree with him. That’s the bottom line. If this guy says something you don’t agree with, then you don’t like him.

But if you don’t like him , then you don’t like the truth either.



Natural Remedies

Natural remedies, sometimes they are the best; most times they are the best

Natural remedies, sometimes they are the best; most times they are the best

This is one of my presents. Someone special got this for me. I had burns and I did not go to the doctor. Aloe Vera is good for helping to clear skin. (This is not medical advice; I am not a doctor; I’m just sharing my own experience).

The Aloe Vera worked wonders. And I think that it is time to get a few brand new Aloe Vera plants, when the weather gets warmer.