Sometimes people get the wrong idea about camping.   And when that happens, they miss out on one of the best experiences in life.   You can go your whole life thinking that camping is about bugs and really miss the true life experience of being out in the wilderness and truly enjoying a very natural day. …

Nana Ann

Remembering Grandma, now, that’s a good memory

Recycle, Take What Works for You

Years ago, when I watch a movie called, “No Impact Man”,    I began to notice how much plastic we throw away each week.   I began to notice how much cardboard we threw away, each week. Before seeing this movie, I never really paid attention to any of that.     So, from that one movie I began…

Blue Knot Day

Go to the net search. Search the term “blue knot day”.

Firefighters, Police Officers, Veterans, and more

So many Veterans have been attacked by fighting breed dogs.   Can you help prevent this? Be aware. Read the news. Help prevent these horrible attacks on our Veterans, and on our Police Officers and on our Fire Fighters.