Facebook Mystery….

So what’s the facebook mystery?

Is there anything that you ever question about Facebook?   Ever?

There’s something interesting going on.  Not sure if anyone else has noticed it.    (If you have a link somewhere, that you might have wanted promoted or helped, that’s part of the mystery).

YOU Information Show is a free show. (This means, nobody makes money from the show; nobody gets paid to be on the show, and means nobody –not entertainers, not hosts, not guests, not director nor producer makes any money to create this show or to be on this show). And the show (began in another city), has been around for approximately fifteen years (yes, 15 years, 15 years of free television).
And sure, it’s not Oprah and it’s not Rambo and it’s no hollywood production but it is good information, helpful information and sometimes entertaining.
So, question here, why?

Why do people help promote and help circulate shows that are making money, or shows where people are generating “some” kind of income from shows but they don’t promote “free” television? Sometimes free television is taken for granted.
“it’s free; it’s not important”?

This is not a complaint here but only a serious question. If you are amongst those who promote other shows, or other entertainers who make money from their shows, and you never promote or pass the link on for shows that are “free” television, what is your reason that you do that for?

Do you think the show is a bad show?

Do you think that others won’t like you if you pass the link or help promote the free show?

Do you think that free shows do not want promotion?

Do you not like the show at all, ever, not any episodes, not entertainment episodes, not talk episodes, not public service announcement episodes, none of them?

Are some of the shows too controversial for you to help share?  (You know there are plenty of non-controversial topics also, if you just look).

Do you think that free doesn’t matter?

Or do you think that the producers and directors never notice that you promote other shows but don’t help promote their “free” show?

Are you afraid that you might hurt someone’s feelings if you share this free show?      Have you considered that you might hurt someone’s feelings if you don’t share it?

Again, not complaining here, but sincerely just asking the “why” question.

See, when you help me ansewr the “why” question , then you help me make the show a better show.

That’s the truth.

So why?

Do you take the time, a few seconds, to answer why?  And maybe a few seconds, if you choose to do so, to share the link to the shows on youtube or on Godtube or on vimeo.com?

Do you dare?

Thanks , either way,   i appreciate that you read this. Thank you .

About the Director/Producer of the show:

The Dir/Producer is a survivor, who does the show to give others a “voice”, and also to voice opinions, facts, ideas and laughs.. Yes sometimes it’s funny.

A survivor, of so many things in life, but not writing that here.

So, whether you share the link or not, the show goes on.

What’s the facebook mystery?

Do people post for fun, for money, for friends, for what?

What’s your purpose on Facebook?

These are honest questions.

Here’s a link to one episode and then maybe posting another episode.

So, you like or don’t like any of these episodes?   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdlQKAvImN7AgofV7X6E1PQ/videos

The “Irish” episode  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMiVgcZReFA
(Thanks a million to many of my friends who have passed the link to the show on to their friends or others who might be interested in the show. You are greatly appreciated).

This is  medley of  some shows  “15 years in television” .

How To Adopt A Pit Bull or Pit Bull Mix dog or fighting-breed dog.

Are you considering adopting a pit bull or pit bull type dog? If so, kindly read the rest of this note. This might help you find a good pit bull, one that will not maul you or your children or your neighbors.

1. Go to shelter with note in hand. (On that note, put these questions). Ask if the pit bull has ever attacked or killed another animal. Ask if the pit bull is from your city or state originally or from another state or city elsewhere. (The reason you ask this is because many times when pits are taken into custody by shelters because the pit bull was violent or attacked someone ,that pit bull (might be) or will be farmed out to people who will “hide” the history of the dog, and changing cities and states hides the dog’s background. It also gets some pit bulls away from the jurisdiction where those pit bulls might have been ordered to be euthanized due to their violent behaviour. If your dog comes from another state or city, INSIST on full background disclosure and if the shelter says, they don’t have that information, you can almost guess that , most likely (MOST LIKELY) that pit bull was aggressive or that pit bull attacked or killed or mauled a human being or another animal. How is this possible? There are times when a pit bull might have attacked someone or even killed someone where that pit bull was never caught because the owner fled and the owner then “lost” the pit bull in the system, and most likely shipped that pit bull out of city or out of state. They do this by “fostering” pit bulls secretly, and by “adopting them out to friends or relatives , so that person can transport the pit bull out of state or out of city. So please do NOT even consider adopting a pit bull, pit bull mix or other fighting breed dog that is from another city or state other than your own city or state.

KNOW THAT, most times, (that is most times or sometimes) pit bulls who are up for adoption are usually up for adoption because the owners simply couldn’t handle the dog or because the dog got aggressive with animals or with children. or the dog has an attack history or a kill history. KNOW THAT most times, lots of times or sometimes, there are many people who purposely cover up this history. So KNOW THAT, if you ever adopt a pit bull, you probably have a good chance of adopting a very agressive dog (who will show no signs of aggression) , who might have already attacked or killed another living being.

KNOW THAT, if or when you adopt a pit bull or pit bull type, you are adopting a potential killer or a potentially aggressive dog, or a dog that might kill another animal if given the chance. There is probably an off chance you might get one who is not aggressive but this is no guarantee that the pit bull will stay non-aggressive throughout the pit’s lifetime. Know that pit bulls HAVE killed their own owners..and in many more than one instance. Many owners of pit bulls have been killed by pit bulls of their own.

So best to adopt these dogs if you have NO other pets and have no children and no teenagers and no vulnerable adults in or near the home or neighboring the home.

KNOW THAT, if your adopted pit bull escapes and kills or attacks someone, you could, be responsible for serious damages in court and you might even be responsible to appear in criminal court -in the event that someone presses charges against you for your (potentially violent) dog.


KNOW that , huge awards hve been granted both in and out of court (lawsuits and settlements before trial), awards like 37 million dollars to the plaintiffs, like 400,000 dollars to the plaintiffs and to their familes or to the survivors. Know that these numbers are true and these are facts that huge awards are being given for some pit bull attacks or pit bull-mix attacks. (Check the stats and check the youtube videos and check the local community offices where you live). http://www.animals24-7.org/2015/01/15/37-million-verdict-ups-the-ante-for-pit-bull-attacks/
KNOW THAT, if you adopt a pit bull, rescue one or babysit for one or for pit bull mixes or fighting breed dogs, you might very well possibly be putting everyone around you in danger . Now you have no excuses, everyone might possibly be in danger.

This writing is copyrighted ©2015 All rights reserved including internet rights, International rights and electronic rights. No copies without prior written permission.

You have permission to link to this note here , and you have permission to copy this and to share it IF you are a victim of pit bull maulings, or if you are a victims’ advocate. PIt addicts, and those who already own pit bulls or pit bull type dogs…and those who promote, adopt or foster pit bull type dogs or other fighting breed dogs, do not have permission to copy this (in any way , shape or form), but you can email and ask questions if you like.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a pit bull expert nor am I an animal expert, and this note is my opinion (based on some facts, opinions and ideas). And if you are a victims’ adovcate or victim or survivor of pit bull maulings and you want to offer suggestions in word changes etc..for above, I welcome all ideas. Thanks much.
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Toni ! And the topic of fighting breed dogs.

Welcome Toni. 

Toni spoke on the You Information Show .    Toni was very informative. She talked about the topic extensively.  From her experience with dogs, handling the dogs while she worked in the field. And she offered ideas on how to handle situations.  What can we tell our children so that they stay safe when they are visiting households that have pets.  Also, told us that we should , for safety, always inquire if our kids are visiting households.  We should ask if they have dogs and also find out if fighting breed dogs live next door.

In some of the instances that Toni talked about , it was the “neighbor’s” dogs that did the attack.

Toni talked about Daxtonsfriends.com   (Toni does the “dog content” writing for Daxtonsfriends.com)  Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 7.00.58 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-30 at 6.59.41 PM

Riots With a Capital “R”

A third grader knows the difference between protest and rioting.  Are there any adults out there who have discovered the difference?  

News media keeps mis-stating the facts.   Baltimore is not plagued with protests.  Batimore is plagued with uncontrolled rioting, looting, arson and other violent acts.  When society continues to call “rioting, looting, burning, arson and violent acts”  ==protest, then that is the problem.  Quit posting pictures of the rioters and, instead, just arrest them and bring them to fair trial.

Good that the armed services have come in, finally, to restore order to a city that has been temporarily taken over by mindless, selfish, violent thugs.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED INCLUDING INTERNET AND ALL OTHER RIGHTS> Double standards?  How about double standards for everyone, this way everyone really is equal?

How about double standards for everyone, this way everyone really is equal?