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Would you pay $28.  for a night in the Hamptons, NY?

Budget Travel for your summer!

Free Memorial Day Beach Day?

CAMPING OUT!  Beaches & Helpful Hints!

Note:   I took these photographs during the years 2013 and  year 2004

The videos belong to other video makers and were created various years.

All “still” photography is by executive producer of YOU  Information Show



For Memorial Day adventures    (Plan for next year)

Hither Hills State Park   videos , the ocean at Hither Hills  and then the story of the Memorial Day at Hither Hills in the Hamptons, especially for seniors.

the ocean Hither Hills

Hither Hills in the Hamptons, NY



What kind of tent did you use when you went camping at the beach?

I’m showing this quick video –taking the sound off, music off, showing a very complicated tent and then I’m recommending a smaller less complicated tent, the Eureka Tetragon 9 .

Camping at the beach , what tent?



A best choice,  Tetragon 9



About a camping experience at Hither Hills  (three or four days after Hurricane Katrina ,
Below ,  a discussion about it. .

Helpful Hints

Putting the tent up:

  1. Clear the surface.  Don’t put the tent up on top of sticks or anything that will break through the tent. Sweep the area clean  first.
  2. Try to put a tarp under the tent but it must not show on the outside.  If your tarp comes out from the bottom of the tent, then if it rains, all the rain will pool into the tarp and your bottom of the tent will be wet and or muddy.
  3. Stuff the tent back in the bag rather than fold it.  You want to put the tent back a different way each time so that it doesn’t create any wear patterns.
  4. Bring cable ties, to tie the tent door shut in busy camping areas (throughout the country).  (Sometimes other campers, little ones, have tried to get indoors into tents where they don’t belong).
  5. Never leave valuables  in the tent.
  6. Musts – always bring bottled water, allergy medicine, washcloths, wipes,  small wisk broom, trash bags, cooler (doubles as a seat inside the tent),  a gopher(explained later).   Some good snack suggestions , raisins, puffed rice,  cereal no milk, dry fruit,  cookies, crackers, oranges, apples, mangos, watermelon, . That’s just a beginning.  Yes, bring a first aid kit, at least the bandaids or triple anti-biotic, and ziploc bags.   This is a short list. You need many more items for the real camping trip.


SLIDESHOW (Below)   My Photography at Hither Hills and in Hamptons.

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awesomepark3 076


awesomepark3 023awesomepark3 071


Sometimes people get the wrong idea about camping.   And when that happens, they miss out on one of the best experiences in life.   You can go your whole life thinking that camping is about bugs and really miss the true life experience of being out in the wilderness and truly enjoying a very natural day. 

Sure, you might see a bug or two, or depending on where you camp out, you might even see some huge spiders, but for the most part, you won’t even realize that the bugs are there.  They  will not interfere with your camping experience.

Over the years, I have camped out  across the nation, both in public or city or federal campgrounds and or in private campgrounds and also in the wilderness in the forest.   During those trips and experiences, I can count the times that I have seen bugs.

Two times, yes,  two times.    Once in the middle of the forest, not far from the gamelands,  I camped out and on the last night of a seven day camping experience, I saw  one tick.   During the whole seven days, I saw just one tick.  And a few days before that I saw a huge spiderweb -minus the spider.     And then one more time, when I was packing up, I lifted  the fly of the tent and found  some daddy-long-leg spiders.

Other than those two  experiences, on tons of camping trips and wilderness experiences, I saw no bugs.

Been camping in the Hamptons, no bugs, just seagulls and other birds.  Camping in the forest, no bugs, just wildlife.  Camping in private campgrounds in Pennsylvania, no bugs.  Camping all over Long Island, and in parts of Pennsylvania , no bugs.   Camping in Ohio, no bugs.

So, you see, you probably won’t see any bugs on your camping trips, so try it.  One day, just pack up a tent and all your gear and go camping.

Just be cautious, be alert, and be joyful,  you will have a wonderful time.












the tent


Excel in a particular  field?   First put in 10,000 hours of practice.

That’s  a part of what I read in an article.  And I tend to believe that.   If you really think about it, most artists or musicians  have put  in at least 10,000 hours of practice.   Most of them have practiced, practiced ,  practiced.

With every photograph that I take, I consider it practice.   I learn from each photograph, good ones or bad ones, I  learn from them all.

Follow this blog and hear about my practice, my experience.   And for me, the education in my favorite field continues on a day to day basis.


Nana Ann

“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you will help them to become what they are capable of being”.  – Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Between these lines are lines from a favorite book

“Grandmas tend to see only the good qualities in their grandchildren, don’t they?  My grandma always made me feel like there was no one she would rather spend time with.  She delighted in being with me, out there on the porch, rocking in the doublewide swing.  She hung on my every word–even during my awkward adolescent years, when my words were sometimes halting and unsure.  I adored that woman.  Now that I’m a grandma, I prefer to have each grandchild one at a time so I can give them what my grandma gave me: her precious time and undivided attention.  Such attention builds a child’s self-esteem, and confidence is the cornerstone of a life”.

Notes from YOU Information Show below: 

These words above are from a favorite book of mine.   Weeks ago I purchased this book at the bookstore.  And I’m still reading through it.   But I came to this page with those words above and knew that this page, surely could have been written by me.   That paragraph pretty much sums up how I felt about my grandmother and I’m sure, how my grandmother felt about me.     When I was a skinny, little kid, I would go to her house sometimes, after high school.    We would sit.  And we’d go into the kitchen of that plainly-decorated apartment, and she would take out a box and bake a cake for me.   We’d have tea and toast sometimes.  And almost every time, we would have cake.     We’d watch television together sometimes, and it was good, just to be there.    Have you ever just ‘been there’?      Have you ever just been with a person and just ‘been there’?     No fancy things, no electronics, nothing special, just spending time together.      Perhaps that is what today’s modern world is really lacking.

Our world, today, has so many things and chores and tasks and appointments that hardly any of us get to just ‘be there’.   Hardly any of us have the chance to just be with a person, spend time together, without the cellular phones, call forwarding, call waiting, and tablets and notepads and computers.     Truly, I was blessed to live during a time when life took first place and electronics? Well, there just wasn’t much of that.

And, just a little like me too, my grandmother didn’t say too many words.  She showed me how she felt by how she was with me.

It was rare that I heard her say that she loved me, but the times that she showed me, demonstrated how much she did love me, those times were in the thousands.

Remember your grandmother today, and then every day.   These women are so really, really important in this world.

Want this book?  Need to know the name of the book?   Leave a note.  And while you are here, please, share a good memory that you have of your grandmother.




Recycle, Take What Works for You

Years ago, when I watch a movie called, “No Impact Man”,    I began to notice how much plastic we throw away each week.   I began to notice how much cardboard we threw away, each week.

Before seeing this movie, I never really paid attention to any of that.     So, from that one movie I began to make some changes.

Before  I saw that movie, I use to throw away about twenty to thirty empty plastic bottles  (half-gallon bottles) each month.  After watching that movie, I began to make my own home-made ice tea  using filtered water, and using a glass.   Now the only time I buy the half gallon of ice tea is for holidays or when we have company, or  more family or friends over.   So,   that twenty to thirty bottles has been reduced to about one or two bottles each month, and sometimes even less than that.

When I do buy the ice tea, I now purchase the glass bottles instead of the plastic bottles.  I can then re-use the glass bottle for storing grains or something.

In the past, I used to buy large plastic bottles of Sierra Mist or some lemon sodas.   Now, I have the soda machine, and I make my own seltzer to make lemon soda, and I’ve switched to making some lemonade also to replace some of the sodas.

The recycling switch is healthier for me also.    Most times I enjoy the home made lemonade better than the old lemon sodas.   The switch has given me the opportunity to drink more water.   Even when I do buy the Sierra Mist, now, when I pour a glass, I use a third of filtered water or half filtered water with the soda.

Try to  find the movie, “No Impact Man” and see what changes you can make in your own life to help save the planet and to get healthier .

Just for the record, it is my opinion that the no impact man went too far.   It isn’t necessary to go without diapers if you have a baby.  Just make some small changes and you can make  world of difference.